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We are a company that has made it a passion to live the TRUST for every institution and organization of society.

SDR industrial refrigeration, production of the first day off since the initiative and courage and refused until existing loyalty solutions, has adopted the goal of innovation is the construction of a people with a common goal. Everything produced by the SDR, living in our country and proud to be producing individuals by making the core of the quality it delivers to the consumer that already makes us proud of possible quality.

SDR from customers to employees, the community has made a passion alive confidence in each institution and installation, this value since its establishment in regard to the first .. An approach that values the environment and nature, this awareness movement in everything that is produced and will produce a social necessity to be adopted at all levels of the enterprise.

In every stage of the trade until the required after-sales service requirements while maintaining the competitive environment during production, commercial presence without breaking the ethical values of the assets is just as meaningful to act responsibly in this way.


In short ...

while the product of SDR ideals established to provide a contribution to the future with these beautiful values,

continues to be a way to create a larger family has a small family company ...

An approach that values nature.

SDR service in every area ...

High success target SDR QUALITY

SDR is committed to building long term partnerships with its customers by providing quality products and services, delivered to their requirements, promptly and efficiently at fair and market competitive prices.

Performing for our customers the highest level of quality is no coincidence but a result of this commitment.

SDR, considering quality an essential aspect of acting ethically, aims to continually offer it throughout all levels of the business.


MANUFACTURING WITH ethnic knowledge and knowledge

Starting from the moment we receive your request,

SDR meticulously implement the technologies required to meet all your requirements with the experience related to the design and fabrication of our equipments for use in various industries.

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Highly successful target targeting APPLICATION

Technical knowledge and experience

SDR implements every project, specifically developed for your needs, with its integrated staff with know-how and experience. From initial concept and design, through comprehensive engineering to project commissioning, SDR have the expertise to ensure the success of your project.


High success target ELECTRIC AUTOMATION

We offer systems that can perform the most complex processes.

SDR applies innovative state-of-the-art devices, tools and processes to develop systems that meet even the most complex challenges and maximise the operation of our products. Our company offers practical and long-lasting solutions to fit every application. We are able to design specialized solutions encompassing every facet of a process ranging from proper and stable operation to traceability, from fault detection to energy efficiency.

Bu baglamda, sisteminizin dogru ve kararlı çalısmasından izlenebilirligine, sorun algılayabilmesinden enerji verimliligine kadar isletme sürecinin her yönünü kapsayan size özel is çözümleri tasarlamaktadır.



SDR acknowledges that proper maintenance and service are keys to protecting your investment; hence, our services mean being responsive to your concerns and sensitivity.

Whether it is scheduled preventative maintenance, break-fix, or emergency maintenance, our team of technicians who are trained in the latest techniques and technologies to address your system's specific issues ensures our quality and guarantees and your satisfaction.


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